A six-month design experience

filled with explosive business growth and renewing belly laughs
with your new entrepreneur soul mates!

A THREE-AND-a-half-day live event




You'll walk away from the experience and live event with your story defined, a complete custom website created, professional copywriting written, and beautiful high-end photos for your online brand!

meet us in kelowna in a 4-star hotel where you'll be our private guest.



... walking through the streets of the city sharing deep belly laughs with your
new-found friends from The Influencer LIVE?

... lights, camera, ACTION, as you settle into into the hairdresser’s chair where you’ll be treated like a star. Your hair will be coiffed to perfection and your makeup will be highlighted and contoured to a T. Imagine being picture-perfect for your private brand photo session with your exclusive photographer!

... falling asleep in complete bliss with silky-smooth sheets brushing over your skin and waking up in the morning with a special delivery of your favorite beverage (coffee, tea, or even a diet coke) ordered and served to your delight? 


wide open

This experience and event is the perfect opportunity for you

to                                                                                  stop hiding and share your most authentic self,
and step into who you really are as a person, as a brand, and as a CEO.

CRack your soul wide opEn,

But that’s all you get from most events.

As an attendee of The Influencer Live

- you'll also get clear on your copy (with the help of an expert),
- you’ll craft your life story, and
- you’ll create (or recreate) a brand that that blends your truth with heart and inspiration.

We’ve created this experience so that you’ll cover all your online business bases while also uncovering your North Star Message, and learn how to craft a PR pitch that helps get your story featured on your favorite blogs and podcasts for additional exposure. Best of all, you’ll create a brand strategy to attract more clients, invite MORE MONEY into your life, and have a lasting impact on the world!

Those are some intangibles - yes they are feelings and results that you can take home with you.

We want more for you - that’s why we’re giving you things that you can touch, feel, and see to help you expand your business.

I could not fathom having to create
pretty much anything digital or
internet-based on my own. It must
be incredibly frustration working with a client like me, who has NO idea what they want or what they are talking about lol. Dealing with Alyssa so far has been a breath of fresh air. HUGE weight off my shoulders knowing that these majorly important details and tasks are in the hands of a professional. Thank you for taking my scattered thoughts and three colours and helping me.

They lifted A huge weight off my shoulders.

Lindsay Madden Quintal

So why should you join us at The Influencer LIVE? 

Aside from our ironic sense of humor, our ability to have entire conversations in GIFS/Emojis, and our funny word-play and (bad) puns you’ll also get ...

The chance to meet with seven industry experts and participate in hands-on workshops, with the opportunity to get immediate feedback on every aspect of your brand and business?

The chance to get off the computer you’ve been idly sitting behind for the past 18 months, get in person, and focus on implementation with other influencers in your sphere?

The chance to be spoiled like like a supermodel and swept away to get professional, high-end brand photos taken?







We’ll tell you so much more about The Influencer LIVE
in just a moment, but before we do...

we’ve gotta get something off our chest(s) about what’s going on in the online education, coaching, and services industry.

There’s a bunch of talk coming from some of the big shots and gurus that many of us look up to. They created online brands eons ago when there was a different landscape. These people are saying…

You don’t need fancy-dancy copywriting or photos… Just write whatever and p.s. that impromptu poorly lit, poorly styled photoshoot with your BFF is just fine. 

You don’t need to waste your time with a web developer or professional designer because Wix, and Squarespace are effective, easy to use and cheap.

You don’t need a professionally created logo; HECK, a quick-and-dirty logo and graphics from Fiverr, Etsy, or a local graphic design intern is all you need.

NONE of that matters, right?

Why? Because you’re an ONLINE business owner, all you should be focusing on is showing up, doing video, maybe setting up a Facebook ad funnel, and sitting back to watch the Paypal notifications roll in, right?


Ok, ok, on one hand, we agree with the gurus and big shots.
We’d hate for anyone to feel like they can’t start a business just because they don’t have a logo or website.

But on on the other hand, hustling hard and chasing down prospects one-by-one
because you haven't set things up correctly only gets you so far!

(Can we say                                              ,                                                       ,                                               ?)




When you don’t position yourself correctly with the right assets for your digital brand here’s what happens:

You limit yourself, you limit your potential, and you limit the opportunities for people to hear your message on a wider scale.

Tell us… Why would you limit yourself if you don’t have to?  You started your business because you want-to-need-to-have-to do things differently than the status quo.  (That status quo would have you working 35+ years at a desk job or for some company while waiting for your retirement to do things that are meaningful to you).

There’s nothing wrong with working a desk job and hanging by the water cooler at lunch. Some people find a lot of fulfillment in that, rather than creating their own. But that life’s not for you (chances are you’ve been-there-done-that, and served your time in traffic while listening to the top 40 and hustling in your #9to5life). 

That’s why you’re here reading this right now. It’s no mistake that you landed here at this time.

We don’t believe in mistakes or happenstance.

In fact, the way we (your co-hosts) met was pure serendipity. Michelle was selling Jamberry, Alyssa was selling Park Lane Jewellery and we met in a Facebook group. We ordered from one another and because we lived in the same area we did local drop-offs. We clicked as soon as we met, and before long, we were messaging each other simple things like “what kind of TV do you like”, right up to big things about our careers, our relationships, and our kids.

Our friendship grew from there, and we’ve been able to support one another through periods of feeling stuck, lost, and hazy. We’re really different, but we’re also really similar to one another, and to you.

that's Michelle

that's Alyssa

So we’re wondering if right now you might be feeling some of the things we’ve felt before. 

...Like you’re stuck doing what everyone else is doing.

And you’re losing yourself by using the same cliches, the same branding,
and the same messaging as everyone else (without even realizing it).

We’ve been there, and we’ve helped one another through. Now we’re here to help you grow and build a brilliant brand despite the fact that you feel stuck right now.


Hitting that upper-limit standstill
that keeps you stuck at the same income,
month-after-month without knowing what to change, or where to concentrate your energy. #timetouplevel

Creating packages that don’t sell well, then reconfiguring those packages (and probably cutting the prices) in an effort to make them more enticing to potential clients (and then still not hitting your targets.) 

you know what's

what else

you know

is frustrating?

And do you know what the
most frustrating thing (EVER) is?

Feeling like you’re not aligned with your brand and message
(or realizing you don’t know what your message actually is) which
suddenly makes you feel insecure. Then self-doubt creeps in,
and you feel confused about what you’re even doing. 

That misalignment is a symptom
                 of a bigger problem. 

You feel way off because you’re not sharing your whole self with your audience... and it’s affecting how you stand out online, and you don’t seem to be connecting with your soul mate clients in the way you had hoped.



Externally, this might be manifesting in...

Internally this causes you to feel...

... you making random changes to your business and your brand all the time because nothing you do by yourself sits well with you.

... you losing your voice, your vision, and your passion for your business - literally and figuratively. No we’re not exaggerating here, we’ve actually seen people lose their voices when they’re out of alignment.

... you procrastinating on making important decisions in your business (while bingeing on Netflix and junk food. (Gilmore Girls, Suits, or Big Brother anyone? Plus a totally guilt-free medium Oreo McFlurry, a plate of poutine, or a packet of Reese's pieces in hand - yum, we cannot resist)!  

I'm ready.

In our experience, this causes entrepreneurs to shrink, to second-guess themselves, and sometimes to even step away from their business because of uncertainty and lack of alignment.

SO TELL US, are you finally ready...

To feel worthy of stepping into your position as a one-of-a-kind expert in your field (without a secret fear that you’ll be exposed as a fraud)?

To get into the groove and feel confident (and even a little giddy) to share your newly redecorated URL with anyone who’ll listen (especially potential clients and partners)?

To feel confident about charging what you feel is right for your premium services with the photos, the branding, and the messaging that truly represent who you are? 

If so… you’re in the right place at the right time,
and NOW is when you step up!


It’s clear that you’re already on your way there. You’ve created a lot of success for yourself.

You’re well-known by the people in your immediate vicinity. BUT - (and yes, that’s a biiiiig BUT) you currently do a lot of 1:1 marketing, you throw up an ad and hope it sticks, you do everything in a vacuum, nothing as part of a strategy.

You do your best work when you remember that you’re just one human interacting with another. You’re not set up to work as a business-to-consumer, or even business-to-business. You’re human-to-human! (A rare philosophy these days, but we run and operate our business much like you). You do this because it’s your truth! You are an INFLUENCER. You help people transform and uncover the best version of themselves.



Your business has been taking off and people love what you do!


Instead, they make you feel like a phony, a pretender, and maybe even a hypocrite.
Maybe they’re pixelated, maybe they’re out of date, or maybe they’re just don’t capture the best of who you are.

So right now you get clients because you’re known for what you do. But you’re also secretly afraid that you lose
potential clients because your branding looks like it’s inspired by something your great aunt’s got in the back
of her untamed closet, and your website looks reminiscent of the dust-bunnies under your bed. 

Your website and your pictures don’t paint you as the influential expert, leader, and revolutionary that you truly are.

So how does feeling ashamed of your digital assets impact you? 

In one word, they’ve got you feeling like a FRAUD because...

You tell clients and friends to ‘charge what they’re worth,’ even though secretly you don’t feel justified or confident enough to raise your own prices and command premium rates.

You show up at networking events and are happy to connect, but when people ask for your URL you get shy and tell them Facebook’s the best way to stay in touch.

You want to raise your profile as a sought after authority with high-end offers but your worst nightmare is that no one will want to work with someone whose online presence looks so blah....

Basically, you live in perpetual agony that someone
might google you and stumble upon your ugly-@ss website.
OMG, how will you explain that?

Well, listen up. You aren’t alone here!

#ConfessionTime: when When F+D first launched (under a whole other brand, and that's a whole other story),
we bought internet 2.0 ‘s website builder from a well-known web-host and proceeded to build our f-ugly
website that required no skill. We re-purposed the photos from our family shoots at places
like JcPenny’s or Sears Portrait Studios and just like that, we let the world know we were open for business.

(Just imagine.)

If you look at the F+D website today you’d have no idea of how bad things looked way back when.
But the truth is, we all have to start somewhere! 

And that’s why we (Felicity + Design Inc.) want to meet you
where you are with practical guidance at the best experience and live event for high-achieving leaders who work online!



This is the only live event in the world that includes workshops and mini group coaching sessions to help you undergo mindset shifts and emotional breakthroughs so that your messaging, storytelling, and visual branding match the high-end, influential online business you’ve already created.

Website shame and a boring brand aren’t life-long afflictions you’ll have to endure. And the truth is, despite working your butt off to build a 6 or 7-figure business, you’ve got a nagging feeling you’ve been leaving that much or more on the table by ignoring your messaging and visual branding!

We recently spoke to someone who’s in your shoes and she estimated that in the first year of her business she lost at least 6 figures in business because her brand was so ugly (people actually emailed to let her know #RudeButHelpful). We don’t want you to experience that kind of missed opportunity!

The Influencer LIVE event in Kelowna, BC, Canada is a kick-off
to the rest of The Influencer experience! By the end of
the immersive, in-person three and a half day event with us you’ll:

Develop the beginnings of a brand strategy and roadmap with Claire Quirke to take you where you want to go in terms of revenue, influence, and impact with your online business. 

Get crystal clear with Chantelle Adams about your brand and your identity, via storyology, that you almost effortlessly stand out in the online world and draw your dream clients to you. 

Be taught by Tepsii and learn how to craft your complete message via copy written by you in a way that’s compelling, heartfelt, authentic, and persuasive! 

Experience a mindset overhaul with Marissa Lowen so that you can work with the inevitable fear, self-doubt, and stress that come with entrepreneurship so you can take courageous action and make bold leaps in your business.







** Speakers, locations, workshop specifics, and event details are subject to change.
In the occurrence of change, a like-for-like (similar) substitution may be made, at the sole discretion of Felicity + Design Inc.

LET’S ADDRESS THE ELEPHANT (or the minions, lol) IN THE ROOM. 

- I’ve already created a successful 6 or 7 figure business, why should I show up to this?
- Who cares about copy, someone told me I shouldn’t focus on copy till I’ve built my email list to 10k.
- Photos? Why should I care about photos? I can just re-purpose a meme or use someone else’s photos from a stock photo website.
- An in person event? I’ve got so much going on in my life - how will I even make time for this?

1. How much are you leaving on the table by staying complacent with your hot-mess-express branding?
2. Have you reached your income and impact goals? Even if you make great money, you are missing something, and chances are it’s
     the copy! 10,000 subscribers is nice, but if you have no clear message, your list won’t bring you as many sales as you’d like!
3. You know that old adage - a picture says a thousand words… An ugly or low-resolution photo, well that talks too and it doesn't
     say nice things! The consensus is that your potential clients and students are thinking you’re not as much of the pro you say you
     are if you can’t even get your pictures together!
4. You can stay online all day every day. But the truth is, most people who make it to the top 1% of the coaching, online marketing,
     or expert in the industry we’re in, only make it when they attend live events or join masterminds with a live component. Why?
     Because transformations happen faster, we go deeper, and we implement with more precision in person! 

You’re saying...

We hear you - but here’s what we want you to consider:

We’ll be spending three-and-a-half glorious days together transforming YOU and your personal brand so that you can show up as the INFLUENCER you already are! After the three-and-a-half days we’ll work with you closely to make that brand come to life! So, who will you be by the time you’ve gone through The Influencer LIVE luxury experience (including pre-event and post-event sessions)?

You’ll walk away with tremendous shifts from the inside (your heart and soul) out. You’ll be inspired to go back home and approach your business with a newfound passion for your offerings, your business, and of course, your life.

I love, love, love my new website.
But even more than that, I love the
feeling of support I felt working
with Alyssa and her team. From the moment the welcome packet came over I felt so taken care of, I knew I was in good hands. I have evolved rapiiddddllllyyyy since we first started this product and Alyssa was so professional and patient with me in the process. I just feel so much gratitude for her and her team and the uplevel I received when the website launched was priceless. <3 if you're thinking of working with her, I am over here screaming "DO IT!"


Paige Filliater

What would it mean to you if you could walk away from this 6-month experience with a brand that looks and feels like a MILLION bucks? 


Would you say a definite HECK YES to that?

We definitely know so!

it’s priceless!


In addition to your transformation, you’ll get access to the Felicity + Design Inc. leadership team PLUS Industry Leaders and Experts for a full three-and-a-half days in person!

six-months of branding, design, copy, strategy and implementation! We can’t really put a dollar value on this kind of access, but let’s just say                                   

Come to the event with an open heart and imagine who you are destined to be.

your true self

Be READY to unveil
your true self,
Your true brand,
your true opinions,
your genuine (soul-level) expression.

In short… (and at the risk of sounding cliche), we’re here to facilitate your journey while creating the space for you to be who you already are. We’ll guide you as you uncover and share the most authentic, raw, inspired version of YOU (in every aspect of your brand, from the photos to the graphics and copy)!

Our experience doesn’t end after our time together in person! This full design experience means you’ll have access to us both before and after the event (for a total of about 6 months) in order to complete your branding, website, graphics, copywriting, and photo-editing! We won’t leave you out in the open to finish anything on your own like they do at every other event, retreat, live mastermind, or conference. This will guarantee you have all the support and help you need to get things done!

PLUS we offer our LOVE IT guarantee which means we’ll make all the edits you need till you 100% love it!

three-and-a-half day LIVE event plus a six-month design experience

How will our soul-stirring, heart-expansive, mind-bending experience be laid out?

Here's our plan:

Prepare for branding, photoshoot, and strategy with pre-event worksheets and modules to get you on the right foot.


VIP welcome dinner (with speakers) and introductions to start off your transformative experience with us!

Day 1:

Mindset (getting in the Influencer frame of mind), then Brand Strategy + Storyology, aka honing in on your vibe and message.

DAY 2:

Done-for-you Copywriting, Branding and Web Design with our rock-star team at Felicity + Design Inc.!

Why don’t we teach you to DIY? Every pro we’ve ever collaborated with to hit it big (think 5-, 6-, or 7- figure months / launches) has told us they attribute their success to DITCHing the DIY and letting the pros slide in and step up to the plate. We know you’ve got huge ambitions, friend... It goes without saying, but you’ve got NEXT!


Copywriting + Visual Branding + PR, aka how to implement your vibe and message, how to get it out there.

DAY 3:

1:1 Lifestyle Photography Session, aka capture your new vibe on film (digital, lol).

DAY 4:

Want one more overview of the workshops?
Here’s what we’ve planned for you!

MINDSET session + workshop






Oh, hey! That's us again.

During this experience with Marissa Lowen, you’ll release fears around the “what-ifs” and instead recognize the influence you already share with the world and discover how you can make so much more of a difference by just being you.

STORYOLOGY session + workshop

You’ll have the chance to work 1:1 with Storyologist and Courage Igniter, Chantelle Adams, who will help you craft the beginnings of your brand story and connect your business with your why.

copywriting session + workshop

This is a rare opportunity to learn from world-renowned copywriter, Tepsii, who writes influential / highly converting sales pages and is known for her talent with words that woo, words that persuade, and words that CLOSE sales. *Ooooh yea!*

BRAND STRATEGY session + workshop

You’ll be hearing from branding strategist, Claire Quirke, to get a holistic view of your business and the possibilities, distilling them into a concept that your soul mate client understands and loves.

pR session + workshop

Connect with our PR expert, Stephanie Shantz who will show you how to build your influence and impact beyond social media. Find out what it takes to get featured on national morning shows, in the pages of glossies and on leading blogs and podcasts, and learn how to find and pitch yourself for opportunities that are the perfect fit for your brand and stage of business. 

Visual branding session + workshop

It’s time to talk all about visuals, because this is where we see people trip and fall into the dreaded sea of sameness while experiencing the plight of brand confusion (this is money down the drain). Come and see how to be consistent with your branding, explore share color palettes that work, talk about what makes a logo, and go deep with why your visual elements matter to your bottom line (we’re talking money, money, money!).

pLUS Breakout sessions with industry leaders 

We’ve designed this experience so that you’ll come away from the event energized, empowered, and ready to step more fully into the influencer you already are.

Have you ever heard of Napoleon Hill’s famous Mastermind concept? He said that when two or more minds get together with a common interest, a third, more powerful mind is born. That’s what we had in mind when we curated a roster of LEADING experts who are flying in from all over the globe for The Influencer Live. You’re invited to sit in on intimate sessions with influencers and you won’t just ‘rub shoulders’ and take selfies with them… You’ll actually have a chance to get direct feedback during the get-your-hands-dirty workshops we’ve got planned!

We’ll have three and a half days LIVE plus the six-month design experience to make magic together. We’ve shared a general overview of what the days look like. But let’s take a moment to break the six month experience alllll the way down!

during the six months after the live event, YOU’LL GET:

Brand Board - No more guesswork! You’ll have a cohesive visual brand created FOR YOU which includes your brand’s color palette, font choices, and texture options

Done-for-you website copy for 5 website pages and 1 sales page (4000 words) - How do you PERSUADE your potential clients, customers, and buyers to hit the BUY button on your website? You speak to their minds and appeal to their hearts. We’ll do this ON YOUR BEHALF with custom copy and messaging designed for every page of your website PLUS a beautiful sales page designed to sell your program, information/physical product, book, or whatever else you wanna sell!

Custom-designed primary logo - How will we distinguish your brand from every other expert brand out there? We’ll design your primary logo in a way that makes your brand POP!


A brand new website! - This is a custom-designed, mobile responsive web design with all of your bespoke, personality driven, persuasive copy styled on it. That includes your Home, Contact, and Sales page, plus three (3) optional pages and a cheeky 404 Page.

Ongoing Web Maintenance for one (1) year - This includes Wordpress 101 help, and Life-time access to Video Training

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) set-up including Google Analytics - how the heck will potential clients find you online? Let’s set you up for success by making it easy for clients to find you in searches that result in SALES!

Facebook Header Graphic (biz page and group) PLUS 6 social media graphic templates - Most people complain that social media marketing doesn't work for them. Why? Well because they blend in with everyone else and use graphics that sorta-kinda-suck!

OMG - but that’s not it - we’ve got more!

2 to 3-page PDF Lead-Magnet - OMG - so many people tell us they’re not moving forward with high end sales, a webinar, or reaching out to fellow influencers because they hate their lead magnet (or because they don’t have one at all!). After this that won’t be you… because we’re fixing that ASAP!!

Opt-in Form that ROCKS! -- How do you grow your e-mail list and get access to more potential clients/sales? You create a landing page aka opt-in form that rocks! An opt-in page has to function as more than just a form. It’s got to lead your prospects to fork over their email address, it has to convince them that you’re THE leader in your industry, it has to convey that signing up for your content is a move only winners make!

30-days Post-Launch Support - And don’t worry, we won’t be leaving you hanging once your launch gies live. We’ll be right by your side with unlimited tech support and fix time for the first 30 days after your launch.

1:1 Q&A Call Post-Launch - Plus you get a 1:1 call with Alyssa after your launch goes live so you can ask any lingering questions and get the guidance you need to ensure your success!

Private Event Facebook Group - where you’ll mastermind with fellow event attendees and get a chance to ask every branding, copywriting, or website design question you’ve got. Beyond that, you’ll also have the support you need when you feel insecure, scared, or nervous about how to move forward with your brand.

** Speakers, locations, workshop specifics, and event details are subject to change.
In the occurrence of change, a like-for-like (similar) substitution may be made, at the sole discretion of Felicity + Design Inc.

Alyssa and the team at Felicity are
brilliant designers. They have a
way to understand who you are as
a brand and company, and making your webpage come to life!

[they] are brilliant designers.

Alecia May


Now we know you’re curious... Is there a Guarantee?

Heck yes! We give you OUR LOVE IT Guarantee!
This means that, during the design phase, we'll revise your website and graphics, ‘till you love the final product!*

* What’s the #LOVEIT guarantee all about? The energy you have about your brand and website will be reflected in everything you do. It will attract (or not attract) clients depending on that energy / vibe - energy is ev-e-ry-thing. We’ve heard horror stories from online entrepreneurs who weren’t given a chance to express their opinion or share their insights about their brand/website. They’re left out in the cold with a website that they feel is only partially finished. As a result they feel fear around launching, embarrassment around sending traffic to their site, and wishy-washy about actually asking for sales via their website.

Everyone we’ve shared this event with has told us that it’s clearly going to be fabulous as it is. But because we love to over-deliver and make you feel like the most special human being on earth, we’re stacking up some bonuses to make this a ‘next-level’ kind of experience for you!

BONUS NUMBER ONE: Private Accommodations in our VIP hotel - 4 nights private hotel accommodations at a luxury, 4-star hotel with all lunches and dinners provided. What’s different about this experience (vs any other retreat or conference) is that we CATER TO YOU! We won’t make you fit into a cookie cutter menu, we’ll find out what you like and how you like it, then feed you exactly that! You’ll be taken care of from the moment you step off the plane until you step on one again, four days later. This includes everything from transportation, a luxurious venue, lunches and dinners provided for you, we’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind experience.

BONUS NUMBER TWO: VIP dinner with your fellow attendees, plus our world-renowned experts. If you’ve ever been to an event or conference, you’ll remember that the real magic happens during the breaks and meals. This is your opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the people you’ve been “following” and watching online. You can pick their brains, connect deeper, and walk away completely changed by immersing yourself in these conversations and experiences!

BONUS NUMBER THREE: The excursions - we know you love a good surprise as much as we do, so the excursion locations are a secret we’re keeping closely guarded for now. Just know that we’ve connected with experts in Kelowna and they’ve shared the hidden gems including must-see places and must-do events… (You’ll find out more when you land! Till then, we’ve locked this intel up and hidden the key - ooooh sneaky, right?)

BONUS NUMBER FOUR: Private lifestyle photoshoot (You’ll get a 1:1 45 minute session with our photographer after which you’ll get 15-20 edited images) Here’s your chance to experience the royal treatment you know you deserve! We’ll uplevel your brand by pairing you with a one-of-a-kind photographer who captures gorgeous brand photos that you can use in your marketing and promotional photos. You’ve heard that a photo says a thousand words, it sounds cliche but it’s oh so true! Selfies and photos taken by the photography student next door won’t cut it when you’re selling premium packages for a high-end brand! Your clients don’t want to work with just anybody, they want to see that you walk your talk ( they look up to you)! We’ll enhance your natural beauty and allow your soul to shine with with VIP hairstyling, make-up, and styling provided for your photoshoot!


WE'VE got bonuses:

The bonuses for The Influencer LIVE are amaaayzing. But just to be sure you understand what you’ll walk away with when you attend, here’s a quick summary of what you and 11 other Influencers can expect:

Private Accommodations in our VIP hotel

BONUS number one:

VIP dinner with our industry experts 

BONUS number TWO:

The (oh-so-top-secret) excursion


Private lifestyle photoshoot

BONUS number FOUR:

But that laundry list of goodies isn’t why you absolutely have to be at The Influencer Live.

1. This event is one of a kind, and the first of its type in our industry!
2. You’ll get the unique experience of working with a team of people from around the globe who bring different styles,
     yet are the best at what they do!
3. NO more hunting from here to the North Pole for the *right* people to work with! This is a perfectly created all-in
     one experience specifically catered to female entrepreneurs online. We've done the searching for you!

Here are some additional reasons you HAVE TO BE THERE! 

Alyssa is my go-to graphic and
web design ninja. I have been
BLOWN away by the beautiful
logo, sales page, mood board and graphics she has created for my brand. They capture the heart of my mission and brand vibe and have attracted new clients and tribe members to me. I feel so blessed to have this remarkable design team in my corner. I can't wait to make more biz magic with her. If you need anything for your biz, then look no further. Alyssa has you covered with spectacular creativity + professionalism and gorgeous results. Make your biz sexy and hire Alyssa.

they capture the heart of my mission and brand vibe.

Rocky Callen

So, who is this event just perfect for? Join us if...

You’re an ambitious, hardworking, energetic female entrepreneur.

You’re ready to step up as a phenomenal leader in your respective industry.

You’re ready to travel to Kelowna for a total transformation where you’ll get help and experience the VIP treatment to uplevel your visual and emotional branding, get custom copy written, and have a brand and website that rocks.

You are ready to commit time into digging into the event pre-work, being fully present in Kelowna, and delivering decisive and thoughtful feedback during the design, creation and development process.

You have mindset and emotional blocks you’re ready to bulldoze through so that you can make phenomenal progress in your business.

You understand that for your brand to shine you have to be committed to being 100% crystal clear on what you want, who your ideal clients are, what your offers are, and how you’ll present your message to the world (you’ll get help with all of this, but we do need you to commit to niching down!).

 The Influencer Live is NOT a perfect fit if:

You aren’t committed to being active in this process and you refuse to get clear on who you are and what your vision is so that you can give clear feedback.

You’re a ‘pixel pusher’ - you are a bit of a control freak and you want to take 100% control of the design process. Or you find yourself worrying, freaking out, and stressing about everything and you find yourself micromanaging freelancers and fellow entrepreneurs you work on by checking up on projects BEFORE our due dates.

You are a DIY’er or Upwork aficionado who is price-shopping rather than thinking about the value you’ll get by partnering with true professionals.

You assume that by hiring us, we’re now yours to own. Don’t show up if you want to delegate things that are out of scope, or treat us like your employees, this is a partnership!

You’re working against a hard (and immediate) deadline for your launch let's do it RIGHT not RUSHED!

You’re prone to “ghosting" for weeks or months at a time. For this to be done in a timely manner we’ll need you to be involved every step of the way with quick feedback. Please understand that if you disappear on us and don’t answer within 5 days, we will move your project to the end of the queue and if we don’t hear from you within a month you’ll have to pay a $497  reinstatement fee!

You haven’t created solid offers that you feel comfortable selling. If you’re continuously changing up your offering it means you lack clarity and we can’t help you until you’ve got this baseline foundation!

Here’s what we need you to know! 

You’ll feel worthy of stepping into your position as a one-of-a-kind expert in your field as a high-end brand (without a secret fear that you’ll be exposed as a fraud).

This isn’t just some event where you get to mingle with experts and other VIP’s but end up taking little action. At The Influencer Live, in addition to being treated like the VIP that you truly are, you will have no choice but to making serious life-altering progress in your business. By the end of our 6-month experience...

You’ll feel confident (and even a little giddy) to share your newly redecorated website with anyone who’ll listen (especially potential clients and partners).

You’ll be ready to increase your rates big-time because you’ll finally have the photos, the branding, and the messaging that reflect the true value you offer.

We are going to make sure you get everything you need to truly become the influencer you are meant to be!

So what are you waiting for?

Perhaps you are waiting to find out what the investment is for everything you’re getting at The Influencer LIVE… Well here’s the deal. You’re getting more than $30,000 worth of products, services, and perks when you join us live. But we understand what it’s like to be in business, so we’re cutting you a break and providing this experience to you at an extremely reasonable price!

Are there payment plans? Yes, of course! If you don't see a payment plan that works for you, Let's chat. (We can possibly set up different payment schedules to help you make this investment possible!)

When you click the link below to register and make your payment you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll choose your payment plan, see and sign our agreement (a business necessity!), then to a page where you can enter your name and contact information. In addition you’ll also include your payment information so that we can process your payment using PayPal. (you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s page to complete the transaction).

That’s why your investment to join us is just $15,555 USD paid in full.

MORE THAN $30,000 USD worth of products, services and perks

I’m ready for
The Influencer LIVE!




We believe in free will, so let’s be honest and share this… you don't have  to follow through with this invitation and show up at The Influencer Live. We’ve witnessed people come  THISCLOSE  to making a life and business changing decision yet chicken out at the last minute because of fear.

Here are some of the symptoms of branding and messaging pains entrepreneurs just like you have shared:

"I’m stuck and I’m struggling to find my voice."

"I’m unsure of how to articulate my vision and the meaning behind what I do."

"I am hesitating and not clear on what to offer (constantly changing services)."

"People confuse me with others in my niche because I don’t have a consistent brand."

"I’m feeling like I have to filter myself because something feels off, I just don’t feel like myself."

"I’m attracting the wrong type of clients (I’m not sure why and I feel super frustrated)."

"I am unhappy with life and work - because let’s face it. When you work from home like me, your work IS your life."

"I’ve got outdated copy that’s confusing / doesn't really offer clarity to my chosen ideal clients."

"I’m struggling to sell my own services (+/- $30k coaching packages) because I’m using a DIY Squarespace, Wix, or wordpress site I threw together in a rush."

"I pretty much hate the logo I’m using. It’s essentially "fine," but I have to admit it’s low quality, low resolution, and indistinguishable from other brands. My big secret is that I got from Fiverr."

"I’m starting to feel unhappy and like I’m settling instead of thriving. This rolls over into other areas of my life and business. There’s a general dissatisfaction that looms over my head."

I am completely smitten with my new
website. After making excuses for my
less than stellar site for way too long,
Alyssa transformed it. Now I give out my URL with pride and am excited to add blog posts to promote my business. I had been hesitant to hire someone online, as I wanted to be able to meet with them. That concern quickly went away. We had skype meetings when needed and plenty of good communication. Alyssa and her crew handled all of my piecemeal changes quickly and with grace and even threw in some bonuses! Her training session on how to use the site was wonderfully informative. When I ran into a problem with my site, they fixed it quickly and got me back up and running in no time! What I thought was going to be a disaster turned out to be nothing but a little hiccup. I cannot recommend her enough. She is kind of a rock star in my book! HIRE HER!

alyssa and her team are rockstars! hire her!

Eden Reiner


So if you made it down this far, you’re probably a lot like us! You’re wondering
“is this even worth it?” Well, in our true analytical and logical nature,                                                   to
our audience, colleagues, and friends, to ask them why they wouldn’t make an
investment of this nature and                                                                     


we reached out

The biggest thing was that people assume they can DIY their site and be just as effective as a pro. 

The reality is...

1. You’re missing out on SEO opportunities (free conversions anyone?).

2. You don’t understand color theory so you may make decisions that are off-putting to your clients. 

3. You will probably take 18+ months to do what we’ll help you achieve in a fraction of the time.

4. You’ll waste a lot of time on google and "Youtube University" (not a real accredited thing btw) when you could simply just hand it over and work on income generating activities for your brand.

5. You assume that this is an investment in us (F + D), but in reality it’s an investment in you. Entrepreneurs who partner up with us and undergo a re-brand see a return on investment if they put their hearts into their marketing, messaging, and promotion on the other side of the re-brand!

6. Wix and Squarespace are not replacements for a custom designed website that is functional, optimized for user experience and conversions, and created just FOR YOU!

7. IT’S TRUE, a website isn’t a marketing plan… and it can be a huge waste of money to have one created. But that’s only if you’re unclear on your branding, messaging, and strategy, and PR. We’ll get you clear on all four to ensure that this investment meets you where you are and allows you to step up into the next levels of leadership.

8. There’s this funny thing when it comes to entrepreneurship. You’ve gotta invest something to make something. People assume that online businesses require no startup costs, and they’re wrong. We can understand it if you decide to work for the first 10 months of your business with no branding/website/photos/etc. But beyond that, trust us, friend, you’re losing money!

9. Online businesses require just as much thought, effort, and investment as offline ones. If you had a brick and mortar business, you wouldn’t hesitate to invest in what you need to succeed. Are you willing to short-change yourself by hesitating in , why in this capacity?

10. We live in a digital age - you might assume that top design firms ONLY exist in California or NYC, but in actuality, most top design firms operate mostly online and rock it! Don’t be boxed in by old perceptions or conventions about business!

11. Paying for a website is not Highway Robbery. We’re creating a custom website with conversion in mind. We’ll even have your opt in content designed for you in order to convert even more potential clients on your site! For us, a website is more than a page with some words on it, let us show you exactly what that means!


Who are we anyway? 

The Influencer LIVE is hosted by Felicity + Design Inc. (F+D), with co-owners (and team) Alyssa Gavinski and Michelle To. To date, F+D has worked on more than 325 branding and/or web design projects .

Alyssa is the founder of F+D. She’s got a Bachelors of Health Sciences degree majoring in Bioinformatics (that means she’s good with troubleshooting and de-bugging, and reading programming code!)

Michelle brings almost 20 years experience in web and graphic design, software testing, a passion for processes and lean management and has spent over 10 years in telecommunications before becoming an entrepreneur full time.

For many years we’ve both found ourselves, individually, playing by all the rules and doing the things that were dictated to us. Everything from our sexuality to our roles as mothers has been impacted by this. We’ve both lived life as prescribed in many ways. 

We want to help you grow your brand while uncovering your most authentic self because we are you. 

The result of standing up for what we believe in is this:

The F+D brand is now considered an industry leader. It was created by Alyssa as a side-gig to supplement her family's income as she was also a stay at home mom. Alyssa and Michelle are sought after experts having been featured on a considerable number of speaking engagements / podcast interviews.

We do business with people, we consider ourselves HUMAN TO HUMAN not B2B or B2C. During the Influencer Live 6 month experience with 3 days in person we’ll be spending a lot of time together. So let’s get a headstart on getting to know each other and share a few more deets:

- Mama of four kiddos born in four years (they’re 4, 5, almost-7, and 8!)
- is obsessed with not only digital design, but also interior design
- LOVES peanut butter even though her husband is deathly allergic 
- is a left-brained, right-handed Virgo; meaning she is a thought-provoking, people-pleasing, compulsive problem-solver (ESTJ)

- is a paranormal investigator and medium 
- LOVES all things geek (video games, dungeons & dragons, etc.) 
- is a Ninja! She has a black belt in ‘Google-fu' (the ability to quickly find useful information on the Internet - get the joke? We’re chuckling.
- is a right-brained, left-handed Sagittarius; meaning she is an idea-generating introvert, aka a walking contradiction (INFP)


shaw turned telus employee

computer nerd

new office day!

isn't she lovely?

sweet as pie

before the entrepreneur life

workin' at our favorite hangout


yes, there are four of them

the comic expo, an annual thing

We’ve covered just about everything you can imagine on this page.
There’s not much more we could say. But... for inquiring minds that ponder questions and explore possibilities (like yours), we’re throwing in a bonus by answering some FAQ (that’s our                                                                                           )

FAVorite answers to questions



Breakfast - not that we don’t love breakfast, we’re huge breakfast and brunch fans - bacon, eggs, and toast, are our jam - but we’ll still be your friend if you’re a vegan or have some other dietary requirements!

We’re always a YES for breakfast. However, because mornings are sacred to us, we figure they are to you as well. That’s why we’re allowing you to start your day on your own with the ability to break-your-fast in a way that’s soothing and nourishing for you!

Travel - we’ve extended an invitation to The Influencer Live to women all over the world. But because we’re not a travel agency, we aren’t licensed to include world-wide travel in this package.

Alcohol - We’ve got no problem if you wanna get your draaank on with a glass of wine or two with dinner. You can arrange to be billed separately for any alcohol you order.

Oh, just a couple of things (ok-ok, actually it’s a lot of things)Here’s the run-down:

A beautiful room to call your own - 4 nights private hotel accommodations at a 4-star hotel in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Delicious, scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth meals - All lunches and dinners provided!

Ahhhmayzing Workshops:
- Mindset session + workshop with Marissa Lowen
- Brand strategy session + workshop with Claire Quirke
- Storyology session + workshop with Chantelle Adams
- Copywriting session + workshop with Tepsii
- Branding session + workshop with Alyssa Gavinski + Michelle To
- PR session + workshop with Stephanie Shantz

Networking + Fun:
- Breakout sessions with industry leaders - fun, enlightening, provocative, educational
- VIP dinner with speakers - more delicious food with amazing people. Who can say no?
- Excursion to a local must-see place - we’ll surprise you with the location when you land!
- Private Event Facebook Group where you’ll connect with your fellow attendees pre-and-post The Influencer Live experience!

1:1 Photoshoot:
- Pre-photoshoot / pre-event strategy/coaching
- Professional hair/makeup styling that is customized to your look and branding
- Fully guided 45-minute portrait and lifestyle session with our incredible photographer, Anna Gordon
- Customized photos specifically for your brand
- 20 edited images delivered in online gallery
- Luxurious USB package branded with your new logo on both the box and the USB

Brand Strategy (before the live event):
- Brand Strategy module worksheets, delving into basic brand archetype and your ideal client avatar,
   followed by the at-event Brand Strategy workshop with brand strategist, Claire Quirke

Visual Branding Overhaul (after the live event):
- Brand Board, with color palette, font choices and texture options
- Custom-designed primary logo
- 6 social media graphic templates
- Facebook Header Graphic (biz page and group)

Killer Website + Messaging (after the live event):
- Done-for-you website copy by copywriter, Tepsii, for 5 website pages and 1 sales page (4000 words)
- Custom-designed, mobile responsive web design, including Home, Contact, Sales page,
   plus three (3) optional pages and a custom 404 Page
- 2-3 page PDF Lead-Magnet - designed to your leads from raving fans into paying clients!
- Opt-in Form - the page where your leads will actually enter their name and email
   in order to stay in touch with you after downloading the lead magnet
- Web Maintenance for one (1) year - keep your brand new website running in tip-top shape!
- WP101, Divi Tutorials + Life-time access to Video Training
- Basic search engine optimization (SEO) set-up, including Google Analytics

Support and One-of-a-Kind-Love (after the live event):
- 30-days Post-Launch Support
- 1:1 Q&A Call Post-Launch
- Unlimited Revisions during the Design Phase

** Speakers, locations, workshop specifics, and event details are subject to change.
In the occurrence of change, a like-for-like (similar) substitution may be made, at the sole discretion of Felicity + Design Inc.

Here’s the thing about you… if you could DIY this and make it pop, you would have already. But you know value when you see it… both your own value and that of other experts. You understand your limitations and know your worth – yes, you probably could DIY your brand and website, but is that the best use of your talents/energy? You know you’re better off spending your time generating more income and leaving other tasks to known experts.

You know you have talent and you’re driven to provide value to your audience. You are a happy, excited, PASSIONATE person who knows how to channel your energy properly. That means you understand the value of a true expert helping you move your business forward.

You don’t get sucked in by the ‘too good to be true offers’ and you’re willing to pay for talent. You’re not here to micro-manage your chosen partners/vendors/helpers. You know that when you hire experts and pay them well, you’ can let go and have faith.

You crave the spark you get when working with like-minded people, and you have a strong desire to connect on a deeper level. with people who are similar to you. You don’t just want transactions, you want ongoing/lasting relationships.

This desire is the core of how you make decisions – you don’t strive for cheapest/most expensive, you’re not drawn to conspicuous consumption, and you don’t desire to win at other’s cost. You know, deep down in your core, that we all rise when we collaborate and work together in harmony.

Whether you are a healer, speaker, author, coach, consultant, or another type of online entrepreneur who’s looking to build a brand, you are our peeps!

We work with people who are just like you, in fact, we’ve served 315 clients in every niche to date! This event and experience is for influencers who are confident in what they offer BUT have been using the "good enough for now" methodology to bootstrap your business' brand up to this point. You are at the point where you’re finally ready to fully invest and receive a custom designed brand and website that fits you like a glove. You want something that comes complete with branding strategy, done-for-you website copy and professional photos, so that your digital brand will be transformed and take you to the next level (maybe 10k-20k more per month - but the sky is really your limit!)

I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour), I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)....

Oh, whoops! That's the Friends' theme song, and while we're not exactly Joey, Ross, Monika, Chandler, Rachel or Phoebe, we will definitely be there for you with whatever support you need.

Are you willing to put a cap on your earning potential? If you’re already making great money, this is what you need in order to scale up (big time) with your brand! You’ll finally FEEL like the real deal and with that kind of confidence, clients and potential partners will start to flock to you. There’s no better feeling than feeling 100% confident in your offers, the value you bring, the website you have, and the brand you stand for!

This is a custom experience that’s designed just for you! For this reason, we have a no refund policy. Here’s what we can arrange for you - if you know someone who is interested in taking your spot at the event you can transfer your reservation and event ticket to them. Please let us know as soon as you realize cannot attend and have someone in mind to take ownership of your ticket.

We'll have a bit of pre-event work for you to do, but unlike high school social studies homework, this will be essential in maximizing your Influencer Live experience! I promise we'll only ask you to do what we absolutely need in order to help you get the most out of this.

Because this is a VIP experience that’s designed to be luxe, we’re not going to restrict you when it comes to food. We will feed you exactly want to eat. That means if you’re gluten-free, vegan, paleo, fruitarians, or thing else, you’re welcome here. We won’t make you feel awkward when you make your requests because we have restrictions and funny quirks as well! This also applies to beverages like tea, coffee, juice, etc. 

We will get started on everything from photo editing, copywriting, and then branding and design as soon as we're back from Kelowna! We'll do-it-right for you and your brand new brand, and you can expect your deliverables approximately 4-6 months after the live event.

The beauty of this event is that we are curating space JUST FOR YOU. That means you get a beautiful 4-star room TO YOURSELF for the duration of the event! No sharing, no awkward small talk in your room. No waiting for someone to finish using the bathroom. You’ll have time to decompress, think, stretch, relax, and process everything you experience during our time together!

Like most events, we don’t cover your airfare, but we do cover your transportation from the airport as well as the cost of your hotel room!

Absolutely! We will always have the pay-in-full option but we know what it's like to be an entrepreneur, like you! So, we've included accessible payment plans broken down as much as we could, to spread out the payments over all the months until the event!

Not knowing anyone is a big perk to attending this event. Why? You’ll walk away with new business besties, potential Joint Venture partners, and a different perspective after interacting with so many new personalities. This is the perfect place and the perfect event for you, EVEN IF you’re an introvert, we don’t do cliques, we’re inclusive!

To be fair to you, we’d advise that you do not attend this event as we require you to have clarity around your offering and your niche before we can help you brand yourself and create a website/write website copy. If you’re not clear you may walk away with something you hate, simply because of a lack of clarity!

We are only inviting 12 women to join us on this soul-and-business transformation. We are keeping it small and intimate so that you’ll have the opportunity to interact, 1:1 with fellow attendees and ALL of our industry experts who are coming to teach and help you. We know what it’s like to feel like a wallflower in a room full of hundreds of people you’re scared to interact with. That won’t happen at this event!

Hi there!

Trust me, it's worth it.

eek! You've caught us with our (digital) pants down.

For now, visit us on your tablet or desktop.

cut to the chase

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